Empowering SaaS with robust and secure Cloud Foundations

Remly is a SaaS that makes it easy for students & young professionals to figure out their ideal career & find the right course to help them get the skills they need to be successful.


Adopting best practice Cloud, with limited budget and time.

Story of Remly Remly aimed to create a SaaS platform that would make it easy for students and young professionals to find their ideal career and find the right courses that would set them for success.

Challenges Remly wanted to launch a secure SaaS aligned to best practices and security standards, ensuring stringent protection of student personal information. In their quest, Remly faced the dual challenge of limited resources and a tight timeframe.

The Volo Solution

The strategic path to secure, best-in-class SaaS foundations.

Cost-effective, rapid deployment of secure Cloud Volo Cloud Landing Zones offered Remly a way to bypass the complexities of cloud management, delivering a pre-configured, secure, and compliant infrastructure at a fraction of the cost and time

How Remly used Volo Remly harnessed Volo’s SaaS platform to build their product on a secure, compliant, and scalable cloud foundation. Volo’s automated cloud landing zone and best practice blueprints allowed Remly to rapidly deploy their services, confident in the protection of their users’ data.

The Results

Swift and cost-effective market entry, with a secure and scalable SaaS

As a result of using Volo Landing Zones, Remly successfully navigated the complexities of a rapid SaaS deployment without compromising on security. Their launch was characterized by an unwavering commitment to maintaining a secure environment, reassuringly protected by robust security and privacy controls tailored to guard student personal information, thus instilling user trust from day one.

Conclusion: This case exemplifies how SaaS can adopt Cloud swiftly without sacrificing the cornerstones of trust and reliability