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98% of Organizations have Misconfigured their Cloud

Misconfigurations can lead to serious security vulnerabilities, compliance breaches, and unnecessary costs. Ensure your cloud environment is secure and compliant with a free scan from Volo.

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Why You Need a Cloud Scan?

  • Identify Security Vulnerabilities: Uncover potential threats and weak points in your cloud setup.
  • Assess Compliance: understand your compliance to industry standards and avoid costly breaches.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Costs:: Learn where you can optimize your cloud to save money.

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The Pitfalls of Cloud Misconfigurations

High costs

Misconfigured cloud environments can lead to unnecessary expenses due to over-provisioning, underutilized resources, and unexpected costs.

Loss of Control

Improper configurations can result in reduced visibility and control over your cloud resources, making it difficult to manage and optimize your environment.

Security risks

Cloud misconfigurations can expose your environment to security vulnerabilities, increasing the risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

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