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The fully automated platform to effortlessly set up, secure and operate cloud environments in minutes.

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Recognized globally for innovation in cloud technology

98% of organizations utilizing the cloud are missing out on the full benefits and potential due to misconfigured cloud environments.

Leverage the full potential of the cloud with Volo

Consistently well-configured Cloud Foundations

Operating secure and efficient cloud environments is complex and expensive. Volo makes it easy. Volo is a SaaS platform that enables the swift and accurate setup and maintenance of well-configured, up-to-date Cloud Foundations (landing zone plus shared services), in any cloud, within minutes.

No need for expensive Managed Service Providers

While the cloud presents countless opportunities, moving to the cloud, and securing and maintaining cloud environments at best-practice levels is challenging. You either need expertise in-house or engage expensive MSPs – and lose control over your cloud environment.

With Volo, there's no need to hire cloud experts or expensive MSPs. Volo handles the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Whether transitioning to the cloud or already using it, the Volo platform automates the configuration, maintenance, and optimization of your cloud environment, following best practices."

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Cheaper than doing it yourself


Less time from cloud engineers


Faster to deploy and maintain

With best practice and maintained Cloud Foundations

Volo drives results for your business

Reduce costs

Reduce cloud management costs by 70% by fully automating the setup and maintenance of cloud foundations.

Be in Control

Be in full control of your cloud environment at all times. Know that your cloud is secure and optimized.

Innovate faster

Innovate and create value faster. Focus on business challenges and opportunities instead of foundation code and maintenance.

Free up resources

Reduce the time spent on cloud management by up to 99% and remove the need for specialized skills.

Be more secure and compliant

Enforce security and compliance controls, track risk posture, ensure things are done right and reduce reporting overheads.

Scale and streamline operations

Automate operations and scale faster.

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The Volo difference

Volo automates the process of setting up, configuring and maintaining Cloud Foundations (landing zone plus shared services).

Traditionally, this is done manually, which is time-consuming, expensive and error-prone. By automating not only the setup and configuration but also the ongoing maintenance of Cloud Foundations, Volo saves time and cost, reduces errors and makes cloud environments more secure.

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Works well with all clouds

Cloud Foundations for the providers of your choice.


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With Volo, everyone wins

With the cloud on autopilot, you can do more with less – with confidence and control.



Turbocharge your development and DevOps. Reclaim valuable time by eliminating the need for infrastructure setup and maintenance and staying updated with cloud provider services. All while confidently leveraging a secure, scalable, and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure.


Controller (FinOps)

Say goodbye to the days of 'bill shock', budget overruns, and the tedious tagging process. Volo streamlines cloud cost management, offering seamless and effortless, real-time cost visibility and budget control on a per-application, per-environment, and per-developer basis.


Security/Risk Officer

Worried about security breaches and resource-intensive audits? Streamline your compliance efforts and enhance security. Volo monitors and proactively enforces security and risk controls and enables to leverage the full capabilities of cloud providers' native security and compliance tools.

Articles & Resources


Empowering Healthcare with Best Practice Cloud Foundations

Utilizing Volo, Princeton Pharmatech successfully transitioned to the cloud and can better focus on delivering advanced analytics to their pharmaceutical clients without being bogged down by the complexities of Cloud.


Cloud Landing Zones: The Foundation of a Successful Cloud Implementation

Achieving success in the cloud isn't just about migrating applications and services; it's about establishing a robust foundation that prioritizes security, operational simplicity, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and compliance.


Empowering SaaS with robust and secure Cloud Foundations

For innovative SaaS companies like Remly, launching a platform that protects sensitive personal information is paramount. Volo enables SaaS businesess to swiftly launch products with solid foundations.